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Plot a story on a timeline

Lawyers & insurance companies often have to deal with lots of data pertaining to one story, and have to answer questions like:

Is it even possible that these 2 people met at this place, and at that time?

Does this person's alibi make sense? Was it even raining at that time and day in this village?

Is it possible to get from Berlin to Köln by train, during rush-hour, in this amount of time?

Our solution

An interactive visualization tool

Story Validator provides an easy and intuitive interface for reviewing and analyzing all information related to a story and all the actors in it.

By adding actors, events, actions to a timeline the story is visualized. By adding external open data a story will get enrichment and show new insights and a validation of the entered items.

In-depth analysis

Get to the bottom of your story

Go through a complicated series of events by the help of clear visualizations. You can automatically add open data sets (like weather data and geo-location calculations).

As an early bird you'll get access starting from 100$/month with direct feedback loops about features that you need.

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